13 February 2015

Travel memories

I have so many photos and memories of wonderful holidays, and I've shared so few of them online so far. So I've decided to start a new feature, showing some of the wonderful places I've been, and sharing some of my memories about them. It will be a great way to share some of my favourite photos, without bombarding you with them all at once!

My childhood holidays were all taken around the UK, and I'm really grateful that my parents enabled me to fully appreciate the country I grew up in. I think this made me enjoy my foreign holidays as an adult all the more. I first went abroad as a student in 1992, to Norway, with two of my flatmates. Since then I've been on various escorted tours, travelling by myself. The first was a bus trip to Austria (via Germany) in October 2001, where I'd wanted to go since reading the Chalet School books. Then there was my dream holiday, my first visit to Japan (and my first time flying) in May 2006. After that I went to China in March 2008 and Peru in October 2012. And I made a completely solo trip to Kyoto, Japan, in November 2013.

So you can look forward to photos from Scotland, England, Wales, Austria, Germany, Japan, China, Peru, and wherever my travels may take me next!

Above is a photo of the first plane I ever flew in! I flew from Edinburgh to Heathrow to start off my first trip to Japan. And below are photos of the terracotta warriors in China and Machu Picchu in Peru, two of the major highlights of my travels.

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