08 February 2015

Patchwork skirt for a doll

One of my favourite magazines is Mollie Makes, and I particularly love the kits that come with it every month. But I’m not one for following the instructions – I like to put my own twist on things, and that’s what I’ve done with this project!
The latest kit was one for making a needle case with a design of small patchwork hexagons on the front. It contained yellow and pink felt, some patterned fabrics, pink thread, pink ribbon, a needle, and pink thread. My first thought, when I saw the small prints on the fabrics, was that they would work well on dolls’ clothes. But I also liked the idea of experimenting with patchwork, which I hadn’t tried before, and the thought of doing it on a small scale seemed less daunting than starting with a large patchwork project!

So I had a look at the other items included in the kit, and realised that the yellow felt piece was of a similar size to the felt piece I’d used for making my Peruvian doll skirt. I used the Peruvian skirt as a pattern, and cut the yellow felt to the same shape but a little shorter. I created the patchwork hexagons using the instructions in the kit, arranging them in a shape that fitted well on the front of the skirt, and sewing them in place with small stitches. I then sewed the pink ribbon from the kit in place at the top of the skirt so it could be tied in place, and stitched the skirt together to halfway up at the back.

Here's a doll's eye view of the skirt!:

I paired the skirt with a little strapless top I made from some of the fabric that was left over from the kit.

I found doing patchwork was much easier than I’d expected, and now I really want to try something bigger!

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