11 February 2015

Alpine bedroom roombox

Can you guess what I made this roombox from? It was actually one of those little weather houses, with the man and the woman who go in and out. I found it at a car boot sale for next to nothing, and it was no longer in working order, so I didn't feel so bad about stripping out the innards and making it into this little bedroom scene.

The room is in about 1/24 scale, and is based on the cubicles in the Chalet School books by Elinor M Brent-Dyer. In one of the books, A Genius at the Chalet School this description of a cubicle appears:

"They were curtained off by curtains of white, cornflower-besprayed cretonne... It really was very pretty, for the cretonne was reversible... The little bed with its fat plumeau had a counterpane of the rich cornflower blue over it and at the side of the bed was a washable rug with a cornflower design. A kind of table-bureau faced the bed and in the opposite corner was a wicker chair with cushions."
I used white paint to highlight along the edge of the chalet roof, the front of the roof, and all the interior walls. At each side I glued a gathered piece of fabric as a curtain.
I built the bed with a small cardboard jewellery box, painting it white and adding kebab skewers as legs and a headboard made from mount-board. I used small scraps of blue and white fabric to make the bedding.
The chair was made from plastic canvas, and the rug was made from fine embroidery canvas. I embroidered a flower on the rug, and added a tiny cushion to the chair, made from a small piece of fabric and a bead.
The little bureau was built up from mount-board painted white. I added fake drawer and cupboard fronts, to each of which I glued a bead as a handle. On top I put a tiny piece of plastic mirror, a tiny book that I made by shrinking a design using photo editing software, and some teeny shells.

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