02 January 2015

Whale bag

I love buying handmade wooden toys for my nephew, and for Christmas I got him this whale and stacking wave. To keep them in, I made this simple elasticated bag.

1. Draw a whale shape on paper and cut it out.
2. Cut the shapes from felt.
3. Take a pillowcase, and hold it vertically with the opening to the top. Sew the whale by hand on the bottom half.
4. Sew the top of the pillowcase shut by hand, and push it down into the bottom half of the pillowcase, forming a lining.
5. Fold over the fabric at the top and sew a line to form a channel, leaving about an inch for threading the elastic.
6. Thread some elastic through, pull it fairly tight, but make sure it can be stretched enough to get the toys in and out. Tie the elastic and sew the last inch of the channel by hand.

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