20 January 2015

Russian dolls card

Here's a simple card idea that's great for any occasion!

1. Draw a simple outline of a doll, with a plump body shape and a head shape.
2. Choose your patterned papers - I found that these paisley patterns worked well.
3. Cut the shape from one paper, then cut it in smaller sizes in two other papers and glue them to a card.
4. Cut ovals of cream card for the faces and glue these on top of the doll shapes.
5. Draw faces, add small circles of pink card as their rosy cheeks, and add a little bird shape on top of the smallest doll.

As you can see, I was very much into creating groups of three things on my cards at this time! These two cards ended up framed on the wall at my parents' house, along with another card I'd made.

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