11 January 2015

Happy box

Don't put the Christmas lights away just yet - you can use them for this fun project! It's just the thing to brighten up your home in the dull months of January and February.
You'll need a box frame, and some sort of thin coloured plastic (I used a thin kitchen cutting mat in a cheerful yellow colour).
1. Cut the plastic to the same size as the glass in your frame (this will work much better if your glass is removable, because the plastic will be easy to insert - mine was not so I had to bend and manipulate it in there which was quite fiddly!).
2. On a piece of paper the same size as your plastic, write an inspiring word or draw a shape.
3. Tape the plastic over the paper on a cutting mat.
4. Cut out the letters using a craft knife.

5. Insert the plastic either in front of or behind the glass in the frame (in front for a matt look, and behind for a glossy look).

6. Drill a hole in the back of the frame big enough for the connector on the end of the strand of lights.

7. Put the lights inside the box, poke the connector out the back and connect it to the power adaptor.

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