29 December 2014

This month I have been mostly...

Listening to:
I started getting into podcasts last month, so this month I've been listening to Criminal, 99% Invisible, Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase, and a few others.

I've recently got TiVo so I've started setting up some keyword searches and so recording some things I would otherwise have not known about. I've watched the Nomad Chef in Japan and Peru, and also Extreme Fishing with Robson Green in Japan. And I loved a short Danish film based on the fairytale The Fir Tree.

I had stocked up with a lot of nice soft foods for when I got my braces on, so I've been enjoying eating things like polenta with chicken gravy (this was my first meal with braces on), soups, and porridge! I knew my usual crunchy muesli would be out of the question, so I bought a microwave porridge bowl, and I also sometimes make rice porridge in the rice cooker. I have, of course, worked my way up to eating some things that are not mushy, but I am being good and avoiding all the things the orthodontist has told me not to eat! I've bought a jug blender which makes it so much easier to blend soups. Some of my favourite items to eat with braces have been cream cheese triangles (very soothing!) and French toast (one of my favourites anyway!).

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson.

Plus I've been napping a lot - I wish I could hibernate in winter! Unfortunately this isn't mixing well with trying to listen to podcasts - I keep falling asleep half way through!

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