16 December 2014

Craft fair branding ideas

Today I’d like to continue from yesterday’s post about planning for a craft fair, and go into a bit more depth about how I created a consistent brand identity across all the items on my craft stall.

So, the name of my “brand” is emuse, and I have tried to make sure that this name is attached to as many items on the stall as possible, and I’ve also tried to have a consistent look across everything on the stall. I thought this would be difficult, as my inspirations are as varied as Japanese kawaii and Scandinavian simplicity, but it somehow all came together!

The emuse bunting for the front of the stall was one of my first ideas, before I had any real idea about what items I would be selling or what the stall would look like! All I knew was that it seemed like a good idea to have a name on the front of my stall! And, in fact, this bunting served as the inspiration when I redesigned the blog, so it’s really become my brand identity online as well!
Price tags
I started out with the idea of using plain white price tags on my wares, and I’m not sure at what point I realised it would be a better idea to use my brand name on them. I made a lino-cut for this (I’d probably have done a carved eraser, but didn’t have one large enough!) and the rustic printing of the lino-cut works well with the style of the stall, I think.

Price labels
For the little standing price labels I again used a lino-cut, and it works well alongside the price tags as they have a similar look. I also try to keep the style of the emuse lettering quite similar wherever I use it.

Backing cards
The backing cards that I use for my brooches are made with the same lino-cut as the price tags. I usually make all the price tags and backing cards in cream, but for my Tunnock’s Teacake brooches I did veer from this and made them yellow to mimic the teacake packaging box.
I always use the same type of pen when writing the price tags and labels, for consistency.

The little blackboard was another way that I brought the emuse brand name onto the stall.
The red gingham fabric that I use as a tablecloth is actually a couple of old duvet covers that I found at a charity shop! The colour of it works well with the colours of the other items on the stall.

Staging items
I have tried to use items that are all quite similar in colour on my stall, so they are mainly pine items or baskets. The wooden box that I use is also what I pack many of the items into for transport, so it is multipurpose!

Business cards
I recently redesigned my business cards to have the emuse bunting design on them, and I display them in a little basket with the same red gingham material I use as a tablecloth. When I did my second fair I included a business card in each bag – if you’re doing this I’d recommend putting them in the bags beforehand, as it was a bit fiddly doing it while people were buying items!

The bags that I used were in colours that matched my stall quite well. But this was actually pure coincidence, as I’ve had these bags since I made my first ever attempt at having a craft stall back when I was about thirteen! But now I’m down to my last few bags, and am looking forward to getting some more to match the stall!

I designed some new Moo stickers recently, with various photos including the emuse name, and I used these to seal the bags.


Yes, I even choose what I wear at my craft stall to fit in with my brand identity! This time I wore this Scandinavian dress.

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