10 December 2014

Alternative Christmas decorations

Bored of your usual Christmas tree and traditional baubles? Try these ideas!

1. Put something different on the tree:

Paper cranes

The year of the Beijing Olympics, I put the Olympic mascots I’d bought there on my tree, along with some cloisonne bells I also bought in China.

2. Put the baubles somewhere other than on the tree:
One of my favourite ways of displaying my baubles is in a bowl, and it is a good way to showcase my favourite bauble, a glass one I bought in Austria.

3. Decorate something else with lights:


4. Use an alternative tree:

My Ikea tree gets used a lot, year round, for all sorts of displays!

I used a Christmas card holder to display some of my wooden nativity decorations

5. Make an alternative tree:
I first made a Christmas tree from molecular models to decorate my room when I was at university, and I make one every few years.

Mini tree made from sparkly green pipe cleaners and a bottle lid

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