29 September 2014

This month I have been mostly...

Listening to:

The new series of Life is Goodish by Dave Gorman (brilliant!), Crimes of Passion (not sure about this but love the '50s outfits), and I've been more hooked than ever this year on The Great British Bake Off. Other than that I've been avoiding TV a bit, as it's been wall-to-wall referendum coverage, and it got to be a bit too much after a while!

I've been so busy blogging that I hadn't read much in the last few months, but I read a review of The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being by Alice Roberts and couldn't wait to download it. It's on a subject I find really interesting, how the stages we pass through as an embryo are related to our evolution. It was a slightly challenging read for a popular science book, I think I'd have struggled if I didn't have a scientific background and some memory of Latin classes!

I then read The Secret Place by Tana French. I've read a few of her books before and enjoyed them. This one was based around the murder of a pupil at a private school, and it jumped back and forward in time between the school kids and the detectives, which made it a bit like a cross between the boarding school stories I loved as a child and the detective stories I love now!

I had a bad cold at the start of the month, so homemade spicy vegetable soup was very much required!

I also dyed my hair, adding a tiny bit of turquoise to the ends!

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