01 August 2014

Marbled stickers

Welcome to a new month on emuse, and this month there won't be an overall theme, but instead a random hodge-podge of creative projects.

Marbling is a big trend at the moment, and many crafters are using it on nails, homewares and clothes, so I decided to try out marbling myself on the Apple stickers that came with my new phone.

Here's how to create some marbled stickers. You will need a dish of water (please excuse my very manky dish!), various colours of nail polish, and some stickers!
1. Drip nail polish onto the surface of the water. If you like, swirl it about with a cocktail stick.
 2. Place a sticker face down on top of the water, and lift up.
 3. Leave to dry thoroughly before use. If you run your fingernail or a craft knife around the edge of the stickers, it will prevent any excess nail polish lifting up with the sticker.

I used my stickers to decorate a notebook and a business card holder.

Look out for another nail polish project on Monday!

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