21 August 2014

How to be creative

Sometimes I hear people saying, "I'm not creative", "I never have any good ideas", "I don't have time to be creative" and things like that, but I'm a great believer that everyone has the potential to be creative in some way. Here are some of my hints and tips on how to live a creative life!

1. Make time - if being creative is important to you, prioritise it over other some things (like tv or shopping).
2. Try new things, and don't be afraid to fail.
3. Feed your creativity - I believe that you have to put something in to get something out. Travel, museums, galleries and the natural world are great places to inspire you. Internet and books are good too, but real experiences are better and give more original ideas.
4. Keep your eyes open wherever you are - you never know where an idea might come from.
5. Be inspired by others, but put your own twist on it.
6. Keep a notebook, pinboard or inspiration wall of ideas, or collect ideas on Pinterest.

I'm soon going to be starting a feature here on emuse about my creative friends, so I hope that they will also be able to inspire you!

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