03 August 2014

Carnival earrings

 I recently went to a carnival... in the rain! But you can bring a touch of sunshine to even the rainiest day with these brightly-coloured carnival-inspired earrings!

The first thing you will need is a fork!

1. Wind some embroidery thread around the tines of the fork, and tie a thread around. Trim the thread at one end to form a tassel. Make more tassels in different colours, of varying lengths.

2. Make some small pompoms, also from embroidery thread wrapped around a fork.

3. Thread the tassels and pompoms onto earring hoops. I also added some brightly coloured beads, and some tiny pompoms cut from a piece of pompom trim. You can choose whether to make the earrings identical or different.

I wore mine with a summer dress in similar colours, and a pair of silver and turquoise earrings I bought in Peru.

1 comment:

Flannery said...

These are sooooo cute! Love, love, love!

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