30 July 2014

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Salad! I sometimes lose my appetite a bit in the summer, so I've been trying to graze on a lot of healthy salads. I've tried various variations on panzanella and salade nicoise, and lots more. I've also been enjoying mini trifles made with yoghurt and fruit.

Inspector Montalbano (I've seen them before but am enjoying seeing them again from the beginning, especially now that I've read the books).
Pot Luck and Russian Dolls are a couple of films I've meant to watch for years, and the third one has just come out at the cinema, so I decided the time had come to watch the first two! Of the two I enjoyed Russian Dolls best (well, any film that uses Mysteries by Beth Gibbons, one of my favourite songs, in some of its important scenes, can't be bad in my book!). I also watched Before Midnight, but didn't enjoy it as much as Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I loved the film Hugo which I saw on TV - it made me cry, and I immediately had to go and google Georges Méliès to see how much was based on fact.

I've done a lot of reading this month. I decided a project for this summer was to read some of the books on my "to read" shelf. It's the first time in ages I've read anything that wasn't on the kindle! The first two books I read were The Cave of the Yellow Dog by Byambasuren Davaa and Sky Burial by Xinran - both of these were about nomads, one book set in Mongolia and the other in Tibet. I found them really fascinating, and now I want to read more about nomadic peoples!

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