11 July 2014

Custom phone case

I just got my first ever smartphone! Up until now, despite being a bit of a gadget freak, I've had the most basic phone in the world, which only did phone calls and texts - it didn't even have a camera! My iPod Touch covered some of the other functions a smartphone would have given me, but I was getting frustrated by its very low resolution camera and out of date operating system, so I bit the bullet and got myself an iPhone!

I decided I needed to get a protective case for my phone, and realised that if I got one with a transparent or frosted back I'd be able to customise it with my own design! Luckily I found just such a case at the local supermarket. I used my Charles Rennie Mackintosh stamped paper to customise my phone case.

Here's how to customise your own case!

1. Choose a case with a transparent or frosted back
2. Decide what design to use - this could be a drawing, magazine page, or patterned paper
3. Hold the case over your chosen design, and decide which part of the design to use
4. Place the phone over this part of the design and draw gently round it
5. Cut this out and place it in the case
6. Draw round any holes in the case, and cut these areas out of the paper using a craft knife
7. Place the paper and the phone in the case, and you're done!

I used my Charles Rennie Mackintosh stamped paper for my phone case, and I decided it would be fun to use the same design for my background and lock screen. If you want to do this, remember to photograph or scan your paper before cutting it up!

Below is the design that I used, as a free download if you'd like to use it as a background image on your phone, or print it out to put in your phone case.


Kabir said...

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Fareed said...

Nice idea to use our own Mobile case will you share me any other different models also in this pls...?

Style Baby said...

Very cool idea and very simple to make.If you have some other design please share with us.


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