07 July 2014

Coloured pencil mosaic brooch

This brooch I made has a hint of charles Rennie Mackintosh inspiration about it - the intense vivid blues and greens were colours that he used, he often used tiled effects (although never hexagons that I'm aware of), and he made great use of pattern, for example in his textile designs.

The brooch particularly makes me think of Scotland Street School - the fence there has a strong repeating pattern and is a blue-green colour, the stained glass windows have beautiful green triangles, and there is a lot of tile work in blue and green throughout the building.

The brooch also reminds me of something else Scottish, vintage Heathergem brooches, which are made from compressed heather stems, and of Italian micromosaic (in fact I found a micromosaic brooch at a car boot sale just after making this brooch!)

I got the idea for the brooch from this video of a ring being made. Stay tuned for a tutorial soon - it was easier to make than I thought it would be!

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