30 June 2014

This month on emuse

This month has been pretty much all about Japanese hair ornaments, otherwise known as kanzashi! And I've had so many ideas on the subject that I've not had time to try them all!

Most tutorials I've found online have only shown how to make tsumami kanzashi (the folded fabric flowers), so I've posted a lot of tutorials this month showing you how you can make some other styles of Japanese hair ornaments and accessories:
Padded fabric tie (kanoko)
Red fabric tie
Bun ring
Beaded hair comb
Paper kanzashi

And showed off my collection of kanzashi and other hair ornaments that I've made or bought:
I also showed how I've worn some of my kanzashi:
Some kanzashi related art:

And a few paper craft projects on a Japanese theme:

Some book and movie reviews:

And, of course, with Fathers' Day, there were some card ideas:

I also started a new feature, about things I love:
I love... yellow

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