06 June 2014

My kanzashi collection

I've started a little collection of Kanzashi, here's what I have so far. Above are the things that I bought when I was in Kyoto last year. The large one was from Jusanya on Shijo Street, and was the most expensive purchase of my holiday, and the other two were from Ikuokaya, also on Shijo Street.

A comb that I bought in a lovely little craft shop in Kyoto, and a hair stick I bought from Elrond's Emporium on Etsy:

Another hair stick and comb, both from Elrond's Emporium:

Hair picks, also from Elrond's Emporium:

Some lovely hana kanzashi that I bought from elblack on Etsy:

Here are some of the items I use along with my kanzashi - a sock for making a sock bun, hair ties and hair grips, small claw clasps, and a fancy claw clasp that acts as a kanoko dome:

And of course there is the red tama hair stick I made!

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