21 June 2014

I love... yellow!

This new feature, I love..., was inspired by a memory from my earliest days at primary school. I remember we had a table, and each month we had to bring in objects of a particular colour to put on the table. Here on my blog, it won't only be colours I'll be looking at, but patterns, textures and styles that inspire me.

Yellow was my favourite colour when I was a little girl, and, after going through my lilac phase, I've come back to it as one of my all-time favourites. Recently I've been bringing some yellow elements into my retro living room, and this made me look at all the other yellow items I've got all around my home. I almost use yellow as a neutral in my wardrobe, using my mustard and lemon cardigans and yellow satchel with nearly any other colour!

Here are some yellow things I've made:
Teapot inspired pendant
Blythe doll hat

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