20 May 2014

Book review: Craft Show & Sell

I was in two minds about whether to buy this book, Craft Show & Sell by Torie Jayne, because, although I've sold a few zines on Etsy and had a craft stall, I wouldn't consider myself as having a craft "business". I'm glad, however, that I did buy the book, because it's got so many great ideas for crafters whether or not you craft as a business.

I bought the book when I'd already done a lot of the decorating of my craft room, but I still got some great ideas that I could use in my craft room, like having some of my pretty supplies and completed items on display. I will now be looking out for wooden reels to store my ribbons on, and pretty paper to cover boxes with. And there's a spray painting project with jam jars that I can't wait to try!

The book then moves onto branding, which I hadn't considered before, but seeing as I have a blog, flickr account, moo cards, and have just got started on pinterest, it gives good ideas on having a consistent look and feel across all of these.

The tips on selling online and taking good photos are also really useful, and, since I do want to do more craft fairs in future, I liked reading all the hints and tips on setting up a craft stall. There are also some good tips on blogging, which came in handy when I recently redesigned my blog.

This is a beautiful and really useful book, and I love it!


Michelle Pittman said...

Well, that is really a forward thinking book. Congratulations! Indeed, people should start looking at online marketing as a craft and not as a routine or a chore. In my opinion, online marketing is something that demands thought and instinct, as well as coordinated execution.

Michelle Pittman @ Maverick Web Marketing

Torie Jayne said...

Thank you for your lovely review, best wishes Torie

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