22 May 2014

Blackboard drawers

I've had these three sets of Ikea Moppe drawers for many years, and they've been decorated in many different ways. Most recently they were pale purple to match the walls of my craft room (you can see them here), but when I redecorated my craft room recently I decided to paint the outsides of them white and the fronts of the drawers with blackboard paint. This had the added benefit that finally, after all these years, I would no longer have to open about five drawers before finding the one I was looking for!

The blackboard paint was a bit drippy and messy to use, but I love the effect that it gives. I bought a chalk marker pen, and used this to decorate the fronts of the drawers. It was a lot of fun coming up with different lettering styles for all the drawers, and I'm really please with the finished effect.

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