19 April 2014

Bright bathroom

I've always found neutral bathrooms a tiny bit boring and predictable, so one of my early decorating projects was painting some of the tiles in my bathroom a bright terracotta colour. For many years I paired this with orange towels and accessories, but lately I've decided to try something a bit different.

I'd seen a few turquoise painted ceilings online, and I realised that the dark coloured wooden ceiling in my bathroom could maybe benefit from this. I added some turquoise and white accessories around the room, like the framed postcards from Ikea, the vintage wooden painted Scandinavian bowl, the hanging heart (a cheap find at the charity shop), and the cable-knit effect handwash containers (which were also ridiculously cheap!). A beaded bracelet hanging from the knob of the bathroom cabinet is another fun way that I tied together the turquoise and orangey tones.

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