22 April 2014

Book review: Decorate with Flowers

I always admire photos of other people's houses where they use flowers as part of their decor. But I wasn't really sure how to start doing so myself. Luckily this book, Decorate with Flowers, by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring, came along at just the right time to help me out!

Let's start with the cover - isn't it just gorgeous! The pastel colours and the cool triangle design on the spine are just perfect, and the hand-cut style lettering on the spine is carried on for titles throughout the book. It's certainly a book I'm happy to leave out on my coffee table.

Inside, the book is full of just the sort of projects I love - making thrifty reuse of items that you might have around the home, like jam jars and coathangers. And it's not a stuffy manual full of how to use weirdly named things like oasis and frogs. It's about making arrangements that look good, without sticking to a rigid set of rules. It's pitched at just the right level for someone like me, who wants to use flowers in a modern way, but just needs a bit of inspiration.

The photos in the book are bright and beautiful, and the rooms in the book are really inspiring. It really shows how to use flowers as part of the decor of the room, rather than just a vase of flowers plonked in the middle of a table.

All in all it's a really excellent book that I'd recommend, and as you can see it's already been inspiring me!

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