26 December 2013

Kyoto day 6

Wednesday 20th November

First I went to Higashi Honganji temple. It was undergoing some major restoration work, which was pretty impressive itself - what I'd taken to be modern buildings within the temple complex were actually temporary structures to cover the temple buildings, but very sturdily built. It made some areas quite industrial-feeling, but there was still enough of the temple to see. It was a relief to walk around inside the temple with no shoes on, and the areas of wood where the sun had been shining were lovely and warm to walk on. I then went to the Shoseien garden which was very beautiful and quite peaceful.

At Nishi Honganji temple the autumn display of crysanthemums was gorgeous. All different styles and shapes, including bonsai ones on rocks. This temple really had the feel of somewhere people come to pray, rather than a tourist destination.

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