25 December 2013

Kyoto day 5

Tuesday 19th November

I got the bus to Gion, then the train to Fushimi Inari. It was a bit confusing buying the right ticket, finding the right platform and the right train, but I managed it. I was happy once I was on the train and knew it was going in the right direction!

Fushimi Inari shrine was quite busy at the bottom, and it was difficult to get photos of the torii gate tunnels without any people in them, but the further I climbed the more peaceful it became. It was a good walk, with lots of steps, but it didn't take me much more than an hour to reach the top. My only complaint would be the lack of western style toilets there!

Halfway up the mountain was an area with some seats and good views. By the time I got back down to there it had warmed up a bit - I'd started the day with a light jacket and gloves on.

Later on I had another walk around Gion, and the shops.

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