18 May 2011

Cresshog and earrings

A very good mail day - both of these arrived on the same day quite by chance!

I'm so excited to have a Cresshog at last! We had one when I was a child, and I don't know what happened to it. Since I started using ebay I've been looking for one, but haven't seen one until now (and there were three at once!). My Mum also bought one, a brown one.

You sprinkle cress seeds on the top, and pour water down the hole, then wait for the cress to grow!

The earrings are by a very talented jeweller in Lithuania, called Giedrė Kolokšanskytė (karramba on etsy). I have three pairs of her earrings now - birdies, owls and hedgehogs. I will be collecting more in the coming months, I'm sure!


gecko parts detective said...

I've never seen bfor "Cresshog"
however, is it similar cat grass cultivation equipment in Japan?


gecko parts detective said...

What kind of hog? Cresshog

Unknown said...

Hi Emma,

I'm glad you like your cresshog! We haven't made these since the eighties so you and your mum did well to find a couple in one piece!

Yamori, this is a cresshog which I originally designed back in 1971. We made these at the pottery in Larbert (in Scotland) from then until around 1987/88 - it is for growing cress.

You start by putting cress seeds in the top and filling the cresshog with water. The water soaks into the seeds through the unglazed, porous clay and the cress begins to grows, creating the cresshog's spikes!

If you have a look at our new website, in the gallery, you can see a photo of a cresshog with the original packaging and instructions.

The website is at www.barbara-davidson.com

We don't make these any longer.. but you might like our Piggy Banks - they are very cute!


Best regards,
Barbara Davidson

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