07 August 2010

Summer School

I've just spent a week at an Illustration summer school at Edinburgh College of Art. Our project for the week was to produce a book with 6 pages of illustrations on the theme of Journeys. We spent a lot of time developing our ideas, and our tutor Mina Braun gave good advice on how we might improve our work. By the end of the week I had produced some illustrations that I was really pleased with, and learned some new techniques like mono-printing and using a dip pen (I loved this so much that I have bought quite a few colours of ink to try out).

The people on the course were really friendly, and it all seemed to be over so quickly! I was really exhausted by the end of the week (especially after doing the mono-printing).

The book that I made was based on a young-adult novel called Little Sister by Kara Dalkey. It is based on various aspects of Japanese mythology, and tells the story of a girl going in search of her sister's lost soul.
More photos

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that kate said...

This looks wonderful. Beautiful illustrations! What a great course to do over summer!

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