22 August 2010

Fringe shows

I went to see five shows at the fringe this year. I think Rhythm of the Drums, Song of the Cicada was my favourite, closely followed by the Sushi Tap Show.

Princess Pyunggang and General Ondal
Korean performers, lovely costumes, dancing and drumming.

Stationary Excess
A one-woman show performed on an exercise bike - really strange but fun show.

More Light Please
A Polish girl working in a shoe shop in Ireland dreams of being an actress.

A group of people who have just died each have to choose one memory to take to the afterlife. Really similar to one of my favourite Japanese movies, After Life.

Sushi Tap Show
Really fun and fast-moving, I just wish I had been in the front row so I could see their feet!

Rhythm of the Drums, Song of the Cicada
A performance of the traditional dances of two Chinese ethnic minorities - spectacular costumes and lively dancing.

Power of Compassion
A really interesting insight into the prayers and dances of Tibetan monks.

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