07 March 2010

My Japanese day

First I went to Kelvingrove Museum to have a look at an exhibition of eight Japanese surimono prints. They were used in a similar way to greetings cards, but because they are so delicate not that many have survived.
After having a look at the shops on Byres Road (where I bought a Momiji doll) I found a noodle bar called Wudon on Great Western Road, so I had my lunch there (Gai Chow Fan(chicken fried rice) and Gen Mai Cha(green tea with roasted rice)).
I then went to the botanic gardens where the Hina Matsuri was taking place. There were various stalls with origami, furoshiki wrapping, and Japanese sweets, and I was able to get my photo taken wearing a kimono for the first time. There was also taiko drumming.
Finally I went to the Collins Gallery where there was a fascinating exhibition of sashiko stitched textiles. The old and new garments on display were varied and beautiful, and there was also some old film playing of traditional life on Sado island, which was very interesting. There were also some people taking part in a sashiko workshop.

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