09 January 2010

Mix and match Mariel

All week I've been working on some new clothes for one of my Blythe dolls, Mariel.

I started with a brown flowery dress, which took me three evenings to make, probably about 10 hours in total! I made it from an old pair of cullottes I used to wear when I was a student. The fabric was very thin cotton with a lovely pattern, perfect for dolls' clothes.

I then added a cream apron with a pocket, edged with ribbon. I made a red belt and a flowery belt from two of my favourite ribbons.

The hat was the quickest thing to make - it took less than half an hour. I based it on a hat which belongs to one of my childhood dolls and which fits my Blythe dolls perfectly.

I made a reversible cape that can also be worn as an apron. It has the brown flowery fabric on one side and green fabric on the other, and is decorated with a bird, a heart and a mushroom.

They can all be mixed and matched in various different ways, and I will be making more items to go with them.

I've also reshaped Mariel's bottom lip, and given her some green eyeshadow.

Today was perfect weather for photographing her (well, when it stopped snowing!).

1 comment:

Acornbud said...

She is very stylish now:)

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