03 December 2009

Charity shopping

I had one of my best ever charity shopping weeks last week. Everything in the first picture was found in one shop in Edinburgh on Saturday. I was pleased to find a straw doll, because I saw some recently in Glasgow and regretted not buying them. The rabbit is by a company called Bellini, and has space to store cotton balls inside.

The Momiji doll was one of three in the shop, but I bought this one because it's one I've liked for ages, and it came with its original tin (which has cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji and a birdie on it). Her name is Sakura and she is designed by Joanna Zhou. The Momiji had a message written on the secret little piece of paper inside it, and I wonder whether the recipient ever read it? It says "I'll miss you CLTP Vxxx"

The rest was all found in a charity shop at the end of my street, which I didn't realise still existed because it only opens when I'm at work! When someone told me about it I was down there like a shot in my lunch break, and found all this in the space of about 5 minutes!
The pictures were just 25p each, and when she added up the total she just wanted to charge me £2, which meant I was pretty much getting the fabric for nothing. I did give more than £2 though, because I thought that was way too little. It was only later I found the original sticker on the fabric - £7.95 from Ikea!
The picture on the left is by an artist called Strev, and the others are by Soulet.

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