28 July 2009

Creative Paper Engineering

Last week I was in Edinburgh for a summer school at Edinburgh College of Art. The course was a brand-new one, Creative Paper Engineering taught by Linda Green. We spent most of the first day exploring the properties of paper, and doing some complicated origami folds. On the second day we began making paper from thin slices of vegetables, and then we went on to the experimentation that led to our project work.

The theme of the project was "Sequence", and that was interpreted in many different ways by the members of the class. My project work developed from some tiny experimental pieces I did that resembled jewellery. I made some Japanese-style hair ornaments, then my project grew from that into the idea of a comb that gets longer and curlier until it resembles hair.

I had a lot of fun on the course playing with paper and meeting lots of interesting and creative people. And we were all very pleased when our class won the "Class of the Week" rosette!

There are lots more photos here.

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