14 June 2009

Art, drums and books

Went to the degree show at Glasgow school of art yesterday. In the Visual Communication department I liked Eleanor Stewart's art made from old books. In the Jewellery department I particularly liked Sealim Lee's jewellery based on Korean lettering, Elaine Scobie's beads made from striped paper that looked like glass, and Hitomi Morisaki's jewellery which looked like little plants in pots.

My favourite exhibit was something that I wouldn't necessarily have described as art, but which put a big smile on my face. It was Harriet Lowther's framed collection of thank-you letters she had written to companies, along with the replies she had received, many of which enclosed vouchers and free samples, including a limited edition Blu-Tack badge and pen! It gave me the same feel-good feeling as one of my favourite films, Amelie.I then went to the Japanese Matsuri at Wellington Church, where there was a performance of Taiko drumming outside. I also discovered a wonderful little street, Otago Lane, where there is a lovely tea house (Tchai Ovna), and a secondhand bookshop with a shabby-chic exterior and an interior crammed full of piles of books (Voltaire and Rousseau).

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