20 April 2009

A quick transformation

It didn't take long to decoupage these Ikea drawers that I've had for ages, using papers to match the colours of my bedroom. I didn't have any paper big enough to cover the two large drawers, so I covered each with three pieces of paper to match the three small drawers at the top.

I made a little cloth to go on the top of the unit using some scrap material. I painted the little green paper suitcase, which was a more vivid green, and added some matching paper on the top. I also painted the mirror frame.

The little shelf was picked up for 20p from a car boot sale many years ago. It was blue at first, but it's been painted white for a while. I used to hang jewellery from it, but for a change I decided to hang the tin bird I got in Durham and a couple of tin hearts from Tim's in Falkland. I added my collection of cherry blossom perfume bottles to the shelf.

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