22 October 2008

My new handbag!

After doodling my perfect handbag, I started to wonder whether I could perhaps make it. I happened to have some fabric handy, so I set to work. I didn't make a pattern, but worked out some rough measurements to work from. First I made the lining, using the last of the charity shop curtain, and I included plenty of pockets. The outside of the bag was made from a remnant of patterned canvassy-type material that I bought for £2. The background of the fabric is grey, not white, but if it does start to get dirty the bag is completely washable.

Under the flap, a panel containing a zip was a last minute addition to the bag, after I had sewn in the lining, so this is sewn in by hand. This was my first attempt at sewing in a zip (that bit I did using the machine!), and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. The strap was pieced together from three pieces of fabric, as I had not left a long enough piece. The bag took me about two whole days to make, working on it non-stop!

Most of the pockets in the bag were designed to be the correct size and shape for the items that I frequently carry in my bag, which are shown in the photos (I was taking the photos with my new camera, so I included my old one in the photos instead).

The inside of the bag has a padded bottom to protect my camera and lens. There is also a padded divider, and pockets for:
1. Moo cards, lip balm and memory stick
2. Tissues
3. Sunglasses
4. Lens
5. Painkillers
6. Pen/pencil
7. Pen/pencil

Under the flap of the bag are pockets for:
8. mp3 player
9. Comb and mirror (I cut the mirror from a sheet of plastic mirror). This pocket could also be used for pens or pencils
10. Purse
The purse and mp3 player pockets are pleated to give extra space, and this was my first time trying this.

On the strap is a pocket for:
11. Mobile phone

On the back of the bag are two open pockets for:
12. Moleskine (and my small kraft paper sketch pad fits in there with it)
13. Paperback books

On the ends of the bag are pockets for:
14. Water bottle
15. Umbrella

I also managed to fit my watercolours and waterbrush in somewhere! I'm also planning to add a little studded loop to hang my keys on.


KaSil said...

Oh, this bag looks perfect! Great job!

littlemithi said...

Ah! I've done that! - drawing out my favourite bag that is .... never was brave enough to make it ... Well done you fab seamstress! Looks great!

John said...

Very nice!

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