09 August 2008

Drum Drama

Yesterday I went to Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow which was hosting various activities to mark the opening day of the Beijing Olympics. Most of the activities were aimed at children, but there were some to interest adults too. I enjoyed the exhibition about the meanings of the designs of the olympic mascots, emblem, and torch. The highlight was the European premiere of Drum Drama, a performance featuring the award-winning China Jiangzhou Drum Arts Ensemble who were wearing stunning costumes. (I've uploaded some more photos here). They are also going to be performing in Edinburgh at the Fringe.

Later I went to the Lighthouse to see an exhibition called "Haptic" in which the the exhibits were items designed to appeal to the senses. The majority of these were by Japanese designers. They included juice cartons designed to look like fruit skins and a modern version of a shishiodoshi (deer scarer), made of glass and metal, from which a satisfying "ping" rang out every so often in the otherwise silent room.

1 comment:

eva said...

wow, loving the elaborate hats!!! people need to dress up more.

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