14 June 2008

Edinburgh College of Art degree show

Today I visited the degree show at Edinburgh College of Art. The departments that I found most interesting were Textiles and Illustration. In Textiles the floral patterns of Lauri Patrick and Nanette Foran were very beautiful, and I particularly liked the intricate cut out designs by Ellie Griffiths-Moore.

In Illustration I liked the work by Emily Sutton, Atika Bennamane, Sophie Martin and Ryoko Tamura. But my favourite by a long way was Lucy Roscoe with her beautifully cut out and embossed white paper designs, and her designs based on A Room With a View.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i too liked lauri Patricks work, to the point that i took note of name and googled it, hence landing on your site. But not a lot else on her... she is good enough to have her own website!

love the dolls!

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