15 June 2008

Blank Russian dolls

Look what I got at the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh yesterday. I've been looking for a set of these for ages! Now I just need to decide how to decorate them. I think I will draw various designs in my sketchbook before starting to paint them.

Here are some of the artists who inspired me to look for a set of blank Russian dolls:

This set of dolls based on computer terms are hilarious! The Wurst Gallery has Russian dolls by a number of different artists on their site. Irina Troitskaya is an artist whose work I really admire and her animal matreshka dolls are amazing - they look like something out of an old fairy tale. Another exhibition of dolls is at Music Art Forum. There's a nesting doll swap group on Flickr. I must have missed this exhibition at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.


littlemithi said...

I've got one of these blank sets as well about 2 months ago; and am also holding back coz I don't quite know what I want to do with them!

Emma said...

I'll look forward to seeing them when you do get round to doing them!

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