25 May 2008

My papercut

A few days ago I saw a lovely papercut on Elsa Mora's blog, which inspired me to try making one of my own. I have a book about papercutting, and I am a big fan of Rob Ryan, but this is my first attempt at trying it myself. I'm afraid my attempt is a little bit rough and ready (I think I need a sharper knife!) but it was a fun experience and I'm sure I will try it again. I had the Chelsea Flower Show on the TV while I was doing this, which fitted in well with the plant-related subject matter of the picture. I based it on this photo I took on holiday.

1 comment:

littlemithi said...

Nice work! I'm a huge fan of Mr Rob too ... and saw some original papercuts this morning in London - I'd never seen his originals before and they were STUNNING!

Nothing like my puny birds ... http://planetmithi.blogspot.com/2008/01/balance.html

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