11 April 2008

Two Fife cats

Two of my birthday presents deserve more of an in-depth explanation. The two cats were both made by well-known local potteries.

The little white cat decorated with snowdrops was made at the Griselda Hill Studio which is about 15 miles away from where I live. This style of pottery, called Wemyss Ware (after a local town) was originally made in this area between 1882 and the 1930s, and the pottery became highly sought after and collectable in recent years, and very expensive. It was produced for a while in Devon until 1952. In the 1980s Griselda Hill brought the production of Wemyss Ware back to Fife, and the cats, pigs and other items produced have been very popular. The Wemyss Ware cats strongly resemble those made by French designer Emile Gallé in the 1870s.

I already had a larger black and white Wemyss Ware cat which was a house-warming present from my parents ten years ago. I have just found out that each piece is initialled by the artist who painted it. My large cat was painted by Susan Bentley and my little one by Julie Gardener, both of whom have been working at the pottery since 1997.

The earthenware Methil Moggies originated in the 1990s and are a more down-to-earth and humorous style of pottery. They are made by Donald Bradford who in recent years has moved his Earthen Images pottery from the town of Methil to Balbirnie Craft Centre which is in the town where I live. He also makes Methil Mutts and Highland Cattle. I already had a Methil Moggie but my new one was a specially ordered Siamese version.

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