25 April 2008

The scent of cherry blossom in the air

The cherry tree in my garden is just beginning to flower, and I hope to be able to take some photographs of cherry blossom in Edinburgh this weekend or next. But in the meantime here are some photos of my cherry blossom perfumes. I literally jumped for joy when I found Guerlain's Cherry Blossom Delight and Cherry Blossom Fruity at the airport in China, since it was a long time since the Lovely Cherry Blossom Gold Sparkles that I had bought in Japan had run out, although I had managed to find some cherry blossom perfume at L'Occitane. I have also recently found Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel in the Body Shop. Unfortunately by the time I found out their limited edition cherry blossom range existed, the perfume had sold out.


Anonymous said...

I've found your blog while doing a research on Guerlain's perfume "Cherry Blossom Delight". Since you seem to be a big fan who knows a lot about that perfume I'd like to ask you a question: does this new perfume smell like the first (if I'm not mistaken) version of the Cherry Blossom perfume by Guerlain which came out in 2000? They stopped it in 2002 and it came out again in 2004 as "Shiny Cherry Blossom" but it did not smell as good as before.
What's your opinion?

Emma said...

Hi Pascale

I'm sorry but I have not managed to try the 2000 version of the perfume so I am not sure. The perfumes in the photo are the only ones I have tried so far.

Have you tried any of Guerlain's other perfumes? I have heard a lot of good things about Mitsouko, so I want to try it soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,
Yes, I've tried some other perfumes by Guerlain: I used to be a Shalimar and Champs-Elysées addict but I now think they are way too "strong", I prefer perfumes whose scent is light and subtle like the real smell of most flowers. If I remember well Mitsouko smells good but it's still too strong for me.
The first version of Cherry Blossom was perfect with its notes of bergamot and green tea mingled with cherry blossom; I won't try the last new versions because I no longer travel and shop at the duty free and I live too far away from Paris to go and try them at the Guerlain boutique.
If you're interested in perfumes, the website osmoz.fr (English version available) tells you anything you may want to know about the date of creation, the composition of for instance Mitsouko or Chanel 5.

I really like your cherry blossom cards and drawings; I wish I had the gift that allows to create such nice things.

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