24 March 2008

China: Day 5

We had a 4.45am wake-up call so that we could catch the 6.30am train to Chengde. We were greatly entertained on the journey by the saleswomen who tried to sell us ties, books, postcards, silk bags, scarves, cloisonné Christmas ornaments and much more.

We had lunch at the hotel then went to the summer palace and the lake which was still mostly frozen – it does not completely melt until April. The lake was beautiful with all its bridges and buildings and we enjoyed a lovely walk during which we saw deer by the side of the path.We were offered the chance to experience reflexology massage which I was keen to take up after all the walking on the Great Wall and the 4 hour train journey. After having my head, arms, legs and feet thoroughly massaged for an hour I returned to the hotel feeling completely relaxed.

1 comment:

littlemithi said...

Looks like you had a great holiday ;)

I went with my mum and sis many years ago ... to all the same places it seems as you. Brings back memories ...

Great photos by the way!

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