03 October 2007

Thank you, my mysterious benefactor!

Yesterday I was very puzzled to receive a card telling me there was a parcel waiting for me at the post office depot. I was even more puzzled when it turned out to be from Amazon - my latest order from them has not been dispatched yet and is due to be sent to my parents' house.

When I opened the package I found the Oxford Take Off in Japanese language learning pack which had been on my Amazon wishlist. A reader of my blog (I have a couple of ideas who it might be) has very kindly bought this for me.

So I want to say a big thank you to this mysterious person. I was needing something to keep me occupied over the winter months, so this will be perfect! I would love to thank the person responsible personally, so please get in touch if it is you!

And since this person mentioned my drawings, here are a few especially for you, whoever you are!


WorkingWords100 said...

I didn't send it to you, but I am happy for you!

I first encountered your beautiful blog on moleskinerie.

Keep up the great images.

Abel Magwitch said...

So, your mysterious benefactor was me, but the whole point of being mysterious means that I can't reveal my true identity.

Anyway, I stopped by here to let you know about one of my favourite Japan based blogs, pingmag.jp , because they have an article this week on something you might enjoy - Japanese kamon, or family crests. Here's a direct link - http://pingmag.jp/2007/10/25/animal-kamon-design/

Hope you are enjoying your benkyou

Emma said...

Thanks for the link, mysterious Abel! I found some other interesting stuff on the site too including a way to make cityscape photos look like dollshouse miniatures - I'm trying it out on some photos of Glasgow just now.

You are obviously well-read as well as mysterious (I thought at first glance your pseudonym was from Harry Potter, not having read Great Expectations myself!).

I'm studying a little bit of Japanese every day, and I've been trying some of it out by emailing some Japanese friends.

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