12 August 2007

What I did in Edinburgh

Other than going to the summer school at Edinburgh College of Art, I went to see films, exhibitions and shows.

I went to the Dazzle jewellery exhibition at the Traverse Theatre. This was an exhibition I had visited often some years ago, but I had forgotten about it for the past few years and was glad to have rediscovered it. At the museum I saw the Picasso - Fired with Passion exhibition. This really showed his passion and creativity and it was good to see some of his work other than paintings. Also at the museum was an exhibition of work by Anna S King, who works with materials such as paper, fibre and string. At the Stills Gallery on Cockburn Street I saw John Stezaker's collages of old postcards and photographs.

At the City Art Centre I saw the Hand, Heart and Soul exhibition, about the Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland. I could have spent all day sketching there! I love Jessie M King's work, with all its intricate detail, and her drawings, when I saw some of them in Glasgow last summer, were what inspired me to start drawing in my Moleskine sketchbook using a very fine pen.

At the Cameo Cinema I saw Tales From Earthsea, La Vie en Rose and SherryBaby. I really enjoyed the first two but didn't enjoy SherryBaby quite so much.

With some of my art college friends I went to see a performance by a drummer from Switzerland, Christophe Fellay. He was absolutely amazing! We also went to the Forest Cafe where there was live music and comedy.

I saw a Chinese parade on Princes Street, dancers in Princes Street Gardens, and street performers on the Royal Mile. I also went to the West End Craft and Design Fair.

Looked around lots of interesting shops including Helios Fountain, Fabhatrix, Mr Wood's Fossils and TransReal.

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andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

You must have so muchpatience putting all those links in! I liked the little tour around Edinburgh though.

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