13 June 2007

We're a Crafty family!

These owls were made by my mum, from these instructions by Moonstitches after seeing them on the Craft magazine website.

My brother had told us about Craft magazine about six weeks ago, I subscribed immediately, and my first copy arrived today. I've recently been a bit unenthusiastic about buying magazines in general, because they often seem to have very little real content, and the articles seem to have been written with only the purpose of filling up space in the magazine. But Craft is such a refreshing change. It is filled to overflowing with not just pretty pictures but with a lot of informative articles. Each and every page is full of inspiration, and now I want to make cute kitties, start a collection of Blythe dolls, investigate the workings of my sewing machine, make finger puppets with glowing cheeks, and much more. Craft also has a brilliant website, which kept me well occupied while Mum got her turn at reading the mag.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fine looking Scottish owls!


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