03 May 2007

Lovely Cherry Blossom Gold Sparkles

I bought this bottle of Guerlain Lovely Cherry Blossom Gold Sparkles at Osaka Kansai airport on the 18th May 2006. Yes, I remember the exact date (and could probably tell you the exact time, too!). I was browsing as I waited for my plane home, and the assistant offered to spray some of this on me. I’m not usually one to buy a perfume without having tried it a few times, but I decided to buy this straight away as the beautiful bottle would make a good souvenir of Japan, and because it had gold sparkly bits in it! Even though I was unsure of the initial scent of it (it seemed a bit sickly sweet), I soon found out that I loved the fragrance that remained on my skin afterwards.

Guerlain’s Cherry Blossom fragrances are produced for the Japanese market, and are extremely subtle because the wearing of perfume is very much frowned upon in Japan. Each spring a new limited edition Cherry Blossom fragrance is released, and so far there have been seven:
2000 Cherry Blossom
2002 Lovely Cherry Blossom
2003 Crazy Cherry Blossom
2004 Glittering Cherry Blossom
2005 Shiny Cherry Blossom
2006 Lovely Cherry Blossom Gold Sparkles
2007 Cherry Blossom Fruity

When I got back from Japan I wore this perfume constantly, and I began to associate the lingering fragrance of it on my skin with my memories of Japan. But now, almost exactly a year later, my bottle is almost empty, and I am saving it for special occasions while scouring the net for a reputable place to buy more. Perhaps I will just have to go back to Japan!

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andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Again, these perfume bottles are gorgeous. I've not come across this one, I'll have to look out for it. Gorgeous work.

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