30 April 2007

More cuteness

Here’s a little sketch of my Unazukin dolls, and I can also tick off Everyday Matters challenge #93 (draw an egg carton).

After making my mini kokeshi dolls a few days ago, I was looking for ideas for some more Japanese dolls to make, and found these:

Kokeshi fingerpuppet
Round kokeshi
Apple kokeshi
Strawberry Unazukin
Daruma Unazukin

With these for inspiration I first made a felt bean-bag kokeshi filled with lentils. I cut the flowers using a Quickutz die cutter, and then cut little nicks out of each petal using sharp scissors.

Then I went on to make a little strawberry and a Daruma doll. I made these from small wooden balls, and they sit on stands from a peg-doll kit.

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