26 April 2007


This post is dedicated to the Japanese concept of “Kawaii” (cuteness). I visited Japan almost a year ago, and I brought back some cute little weeble-like monkey ornaments from Nikko for my colleagues. I regretted not buying one for myself, so when I saw Unazukin dolls online I decided I would buy myself one … or two… They haven’t arrived yet, so no photo, but this little Google doodle I drew was based on Unazukin dolls.

Ismoyo’s Playground is a wonderful blog that I discovered recently. It is full of all things cute and retro, and I particularly love her cupcake creatures.

Craft Magazine was recommended to me by my brother. It looks like it will really appeal to me, and I’m thinking of subscribing. The latest issue is Japanese inspired, and there are some really cute cats on the cover.

My Little Mochi is a blog that I discovered while browsing the Craft Magazine site. All sorts of cute things here, including some miniature Kokeshi dolls which put my clothespeg kokeshi (below) to shame!


E-J said...

All your posts are interesting and quite charming! How did your fascination with Japan begin? I can certainly understand it. Sadly my own experience of the country has been limited to a single night's stopover at a hotel near Narita airport.

Emma Reid said...

I think I will have to devote a blog post to that question! There is no one simple answer!

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