11 April 2007

House for an Art Lover

Yesterday I visited the House for an Art Lover in Glasgow, which was built about ten years ago from designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. These drawings are of the stained glass and piano in the music room. I enjoyed looking at the display showing how the gesso panels were created, and when I got back to the city centre I bought a canvas and some gesso at the Art Store so I could try it myself.

I had lunch at the noodle bar Wagamama for the first time, and drew the condiments while I waited for my meal. I had ginger chicken udon, edamame, and green tea.


Carole said...

Welcome to EDM! I like your Rennie Macintosh pictures on the coloured paper. I also like the illustration of your green bag - very nicely done.

Nicely chosen name for your blog, by the way!

phthaloblu said...

Yes, welcome to EDM! Your sketches are really well done.

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