05 March 2007

Watercolours at the museum

Yesterday I attended the first session of a four-part watercolour course at the National Museum of Scotland. After an introduction we proceeded to the glass gallery where we each painted a vase of our choice, with Karen the tutor offering help and advice. I didn't finish my painting so I will go back on Saturday to complete it before next Sunday's class. We were also given some homework to do, to help familiarise us with the colours in our paintboxes.

A large part of the museum will close next year and will not reopen until 2011. So it is a good idea to make the most of visiting the museum now. When it does reopen, there will be even more on display, a street-level entrance, and escalators to all floors.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. How long did it take you to paint them?

Emma said...

They took a couple of hours each - it's amazing how fast the time passes when you are concentrating on painting!

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